Day 48 (Wedding Day) – Love Letter

Today was my wedding day, and what an awesome day it was. I know I’m slightly biased in my opinion, but still. The day started well, having surprisingly had a good night’s sleep the night before, despite the late night speech writing. I headed in to town early to pick up my mate Martin, who was coming out to the house to take some photos. He also took some photos in the barbers that morning, as myself and the best man had some final trimming and tidying done, which freaked out a few of the other patrons a little. Once we returned home to my parents house we were greeted by a massive fry, which was sorely needed.

Fast forward through me getting dressed and we get to me arriving at the church, early enough for me to greet everyone as they arrive. Unfortunately this meant I had a very nervous hour or so of waiting to do before my bride arrived. It was worth the wait though, as she looked simply stunning as she walked up the aisle. My nervousness vanished as soon as we sat down beside each other, and the ceremony went along swimmingly. Not quiet so with the post ceremony photos unfortunately, as some typical Galway rain interrupted the proceedings. Once we headed on to the hotel it was time to get nervous again, as my speech was looming.

wedding day 2A distraction from my nervousness occurred when I remembered our cake, and the fact I hadn’t seen it yet. We had put forward a very different design to our cake guy, and even though we were confident he could do it, we were still nervous about it would turn out. We didn’t need to be. The cake came out way better than we could have imagined.

Wedding cake

While we had had the idea of the book design, we pictured the books as plain, with the names we had chosen written on. The fact that Niall ( had used the actual book covers just blew us away. The cake topper of us both reading was also incredible, but I would like to point out that in real life, I’m taller. It should also be noted that it was delicious (and Gluten free, so I got to eat some).

We had the speeches before dinner, and they went really well, my brother in particular doing a great job with his speech, as well as as MC, being very funny in those interludes between the other speeches. Having the speeches before the meal meant we got to relax while eating which was great, leaving the first dance all I had to worry about.  While we have been dancing swing for a few years, we wanted to do something alittle more traditional. We only started working on it a few weeks before the wedding, but we had some fantastic teachers. It went really well in the end, probably the best run through of it we’d ever done.

In the middle of all this, my new wife and I took some breaks here and there, to relax and enjoy the moment as we’d been advised by many people to do. During one of these breaks, along with some of the bridal party, played some Love Letter, the game I thought best suited for the day that was in it. Unfortunately, despite having taken a really cool photo of us playing a game in all our wedding finery specifically for this blog, I can not share it with you all as it is no longer on my phone. What I did to lose it, I have no idea, but when I decided to do this blog, knowing I would need to play a game on my wedding day, I had imagined this photo, so to have lost it is disappointing to say the least.

All in all, it was a great day, the start of a new adventure.

Day 47 – Connections

Well that’s it, my last day as a single man. Nerves definitely kicking in at this point. I can’t actually remember much of the day. I know I said goodbye to Elaine for the last time before until meeting her at the top of the aisle the next day. I also know I had to finish my speech, which I think I did at about 1am Saturday morning. Other than that the day is a bit of a blur, except for the game of the day of course. Having completely forgotten to bring a game from my place to my parents house, where I was spending the night before the wedding, I had to rummage through the cupboards to see what I could find. What I found was Connection.  This was obviously added to the house collection after I had moved out, a I don’t remember ever having played it before. Simple and quick, where you try to either complete a complete line of your colour across the board or surround one of your opponents colours, this game was perfect as a distraction from my (attempted) speech writing. I believe I also won.

Day 46 – Star Realms

With just two days left until my wedding, day 46 was a mix of final preparations for the big day, hanging out with my brother who was only back in the country for a few days, and trying to get a game of some description in while I was at it. That game was Star Realms, one of my favourite quick and easy, but most importantly, fun games to play. Today’s game was squeezed in, once again in Dungeons and Donuts, my home away from home, amidst all the other tasks and duties I had. As I’m writing this post two weeks after the fact, I am unfortunately a little hazy on the details of the game, other than knowing that I lost. I’m going to say that that’s because I was distracted by my approaching nuptials. Yeah, let’s go with that.

News – The Return

I have been very absent from the blog for a while, mostly due to the whole getting married thing, and the honey moon thing, and also the nasty returning to work thing. I have been playing games every day, making the odd note, taking the odd photo, but just haven’t been able to get around to sitting down and writing about it, and so have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully I’ll get that done soon. Once I’ve caught up, and having a lot of the big things happening recently out of the way, am hoping to start doing more with this blog, such as adding proper game reviews, or game videos, particularly for games like x-wing that lend themselves well to that format. A podcast may even be on the cards at some point in the future. Now I don’t want all my wonderful of my readers to get too excited, as a lot of these things are purely experimental, just me testing out these formats to see how they work, so are likely to be not very good. Have to start somewhere though.

News – Impending Nuptials

Some (not many, but it’s still early days for this blog) may have noticed my absence over the last few days. This has been due to the fact that I’m getting married tomorrow, and my days have been filled with last minute preparations, so I’ve had little chance to write anything. Be assured though, dear readers, that my quest continues, and I am still playing a daily game of something or another, and will write about my adventures as soon as I can.
I think that’s enough writing for this blog post, so I will return to the other writing I must finish for tomorrow. It seems it is customary for the groom to give a speech. Wish me luck.

Day 45 – Magic the Gathering

After a 7 hour, 2am starting, round trip to Dublin airport this morning to pick up my littlest brother, today was spent in a state of only half wakefullness. This was not the best state to be in, only three days from your wedding, and you have stuff for doing. The stuff got done though, including my dental visit, despite almost falling asleep in the dentists chair. The office that chair was in, was just across the bridge from Dungeons and Donuts (which is in and old mill, beside said bridge on the river corrib, for those of you that may not know), and so I managed to squeeze in  a game of Magic with James, before heading to the hotel to finalise details about table arrangements and other such wedding related activities. The game was a loss for me, not surprising, considering James is better than me at the game, they were his decks we were playing, and I was a zombie.

And I am still that zombie. It is now 22:10, and barring a 90 minute power nap, I’ve been awake since 1:30 this morning, so I should probably call it a night. After I finish this episode of Sense8 obviously.


Day 44 – Dungeons & Dragons

I have to get up at 2am tomorrow morning, to travel to Dublin to pick up my little brother / best man at the airport, so an early night is called for. I’m also staying in my parents house tonight, which is notoriously free of all my games, but not of my DnD notebooks, which I just happen to have in my bag. I wrote more on the campaign arc, and did some mini bios of the more important NPCs, who I will flesh out with stats and equipment later. I’m being very organised this time, with a note book for NPCs, one for the adventures, and one for notes that I will make along the way, based on the actions of the players. Of course, each book will be cross referenced with the others, by page number. Did I mention I’m a librarian.


My last attempt at DMing got a little out of hand, with my scribbled notes all over the place, with no sense of order, making it more difficult than it already was for a novice DM like me to for me to run things. I hope to avoid that this time with my OCD-ness.


Day 43b – Shadows Over Camelot 3

Just a short post to say that, having finished the Conquest tournament early today, a few of us in the shop decided to once again try our hands at Shadows Over Camelot, determined to beat it. Sir Ronan of the Donut, Sir Paul of the Beard, Sir Sean of the KitKat, Sir Mark of the Shop Credit, and of course myself, Sir Jonny of the Blog, once again ventured into Camelot. This time, finally, we prevailed. Third time’s the charm.


Day 43a – Conquest: Highlander Tournament

Dungeons and Donuts hosted a Conquest tournament today using the highlander format. For those of you not familiar, the highlander format in card games means that there can be only one copy of each card in your deck. The exceptions to this rule in conquest are the 8 cards attached to your Warlord, as some of these are multiples. My Eldar deck was put together last night between 12:30 and 1:30am after returning home from game night, so I wasn’t holding out too much hope for it doing well.

First game started well, but a stupid mistake on my part, where I thought I had initiative, but didn’t, meant that Mark, my opponent, was able to Area of Effect (3) and wipe out all but one of my units at that planet, before I could kill his unit with that ability. I rallied though, and was able to take out his Warlord for the win. In fairness to Mark though, having not realised that it was a highlander tournament, ended up playing with a borrowed, and therefore unfamiliar deck. Things continued to go well for me until my final game against Sean at the top table to decide the overall winner.

This game is probably the longest game of Conquest I’ve ever played, actually going to the 7th and final planet to decide the outcome. There were no big pitched battles in this game, Sean was unfortunate in some of his card draws, and so had few, but powerful units in play. I had more units in number, but weaker, and used the mobile skill to spread my units out and win Command battles, and then move them to where Sean was weakest to win battles. Realising that I could win on the either the two remaining planets (6th and 7th), and Sean only on the 7th, I assigned my Warlord to the 7th in the 2nd to last turn. Sean, on the other hand, went to the 6th, knowing he couldn’t let me have that planet. This ensured that on the final turn, my entire force would be readied, while Sean’s, coming from his HQ would be exhausted, giving me a free round to hammer him with everything I had. However, just to be sure, in the final deploy phase I used all my resources to use Doom, a card that destroys all non unique units at each players HQ.

Doom card

Unfortunately for Sean, all his units were now in his HQ, and all were non unique, leaving him with only his Warlord. As all my units were at the final planet, they survived, and the game was over. With only his Warlord remaining, and only one planet to put him to, Sean couldn’t survive.

My prize was a shiny new play-mat, a card box, and some alternate art cards.wpid-20150803_143437.jpg

All in all, a good day.


Day 42 – Game Night

My ‘very near in the future’ bride and I visited our friends house tonight for a game night. We started with a five way game of Colt Express, which went down a treat (I think) with my fellow gamers, Mike, Michelle, Martina, and of course Elaine. I was unfortunately beaten in this game, it was mike who took the spoils, his final turn shooting, of me no less, meant we were tied for top shooter, and so shared the $1000 prize. I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos on the night, as Colt Express, is definitely one of the cooler games out there visually.

The second game we played was new to me, but one I quickly enjoyed, bad and all as I was at it. SpyFall, while ever so slightly of the electronic medium, is very much of the table top ilk, and so deserves a mention here. In this game, each player bar one, is given a location (the same for everyone), and a position (job) related to that location. The final player is simply told that they are a spy. The spy’s job is to discover what location the other players are at, with the other players trying to discover who the spy is. They do this by asking each other questions in the hope that their answers will give something away. Each player can see the list of locations used in the game on their phones. I’ve never been great at these games, I have a tendency to over think things, which in this case made me take a lot of time in both the asking and answering of questions. My answers in fact were almost monosyllabic in my attempts to not give anything away.

The game can be found at, and I highly recommend it.

After a few rounds of SpyFall, we moved on to some interactive games on the X-Box that involved drawing pictures (very badly) on our phones. A lot of fun, but not ones I’m going to talk about here, I’m a PlayStation man 🙂